Thursday, May 7, 2015

Dark Angels' Dark Shroud and Vengeance Speeders

I wanted some of the new iconic Ravenwing speeders to add to my force. Picking up two of the kits to make one of each, I constructed them and painted them at the same time. Painting them simultaneously allows me to keep a uniformity among the two. I am able to keep the same coloration of certain parts, namely the window.

Land Speeder Vengeance

This Vengeance was built with magnets holding the plasma cannons in place. This allows for them to be removed and for it to be used as another Dark Shroud should it be needed.

In combat the Vengeance has been hit and miss. I was able to cause some real damage to a Tyrannic Exocrine once. It has damaged itself once which did not help its survivability. Being that it has only two hull points is a real downer. I tend to stick with the large blast template when I do run it.

Honestly, I love the concept. My opponents get scared crapless about the potential of what it CAN do. In practice, it rarely carries out the threat. Still, when running nothing but Ravenwing, it fills a heavy slot.

Land Speeder Dark Shroud

This speaks volumes of the Dark Angels and their dark gothic background. The relic of a statue being used to project a shadowy field around the craft is a pretty cool visual to me. The art from GW accompanying the craft is damn sharp too!

In-game, the Shroud is quite effective. It definite gives the enemy something to think about. How much effort do I put into taking down the portable cover save over the approaching bikes? Unless you are playing Tau, the Shroud should at least make it long enough to deliver the bikes safely. As you do have to keep the other units somewhat close enough to get the saves, large blast weapons can be damaging.

 As for painting, the glass on both of the speeders was done as one large pane of glass as opposed to many individual ones. The blue really stands out among the black. These two are some of my favorite vehicles because of that.

The stone was painted grey, with some slight darker streaks added for a marbling effect. Then a light dry brush over it. I gave it a very watered down wash to tie it all together.

If you are a Ravenwing fan, the Dark Shroud is a must item simply for the fluff feature. The shrouding effect is just an extra bonus giving it a nice use. Also, the assault cannons that you get for cupola gunner can be used for the gunners on your other speeders.


  1. awesome paint job robert, thanks for the write up!

  2. Thank you for the kind words!
    My next post should be coming up in a couple of weeks!