Thursday, April 30, 2015

Dark Angel Speeders

I am showing off two Speeders for my Dark Angels 2nd Company, The Ravenwing. One is a Typhoon to give me some long range punch. The other is Sammael's personal speeder, Sableclaw.

Like many of my models, they had been sitting in storage awaiting construction. In the process of making space, these two got put together. Only to take up a different form of space by being on display now, much like kernels become popcorn! I am trying really hard to complete what I already have. Trying my best to avoid picking up new boxes of goodies.

If you follow my blog, you know when these two were originally painted up just by looking at the bases. A simple paint job, slight highlighting, a wash over the metal, sealed and ready to go. Black models are almost unfair to paint at times, too easy... until you have to highlight or show shades. The interior controls were painted too, no shortcuts there.

Sableclaw is a build from a standard speeder with the parts from the Ravenwing Accessory Pack available from GW. Being an avid Dark Angels fan, I grabbed several of these sprues, and whenever a friend didn't want his, I gladly accepted them. Besides, to use the original metal bits that GW offered before, would have made the model impossible to mount on a stand, it would have been so heavy. Imagine a metal twin-linked heavy bolter and a metal twin-linked assault cannon. Not only would they never properly stay attached to the model; it would be enough to require a warning should you ever fall in the water with the piece!

Being that this is an HQ choice, I took a bit more time detailing the piece. Giving the book some extra attention can be time consuming, but it makes a huge difference on the table. The head and shoulder pads are from the Black Knights sprue. The script decal is from the Sororitas decal sheet. 

The focus grabbing book was relatively easy. Paint the pages bone white first. Add the writing with either watered down black or to really ease it out, use a micron pen, love these things! A general square of yellow was added. It does not have to be perfectly squared. Once you outline it with the black, any mistakes disappear. A letter of choice was carefully added to the inside and voila!

Gamewise, when I have used Sammael, he is quite the terror for enemy squads or anything with an armor save of 4+. As long as you keep his front towards the enemy and out of combat, he should be fine. Just remember, he only has two hull points, so he is quite a glass hammer. Keep him sitting next a Dark Shroud won't hurt either. I'll show pics of that in next week's post.

Thanks for looking!

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