Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Ornaments

So we do ornaments for the family every year. Each time we choose a theme. This year it was the '12 Days of Christmas'. We tried to do Zombies as it is the meme for the year, but Zombies was overruled as not being appropriate.

We handed out Swans to be within ths guidelines and added extras for fun. So here are our creations for this year. They are standard GW creations with slight modification for the piper and a drum added from the Bretonnian Men at Arms set.

Monday, December 10, 2012

FoW Open Fire Shermans

Here is a quick overview of the tanks that come with the Open Fire box. Again they are nice, but not as detailed as the resin ones. They also required a bit of effort to fit them. First you have to file down the space just below the fender to get a smoother fit. I then used a couple of vices and clips to hold them together after I glued them to prevent them from falling apart and to avoid seams as much as possible. Even still there is a gap along the side which requires puttying to smooth it.

Flames of War

I'm back. After quite a hiatus from posting and painting, I'm back on a roll. I've been trying to put out a project once a week. Mostly terrain which I will share soon.
Currently I'm painting up some US Airborne and accompanying British tanks from the new Open Fire box set. Overall the figures are quite good considering their size. I'm not going to put them on the same quality as Games Workshop, but they are very nice. Here are a couple of completed shots of the troops. Note that I do not have any decals for the tanks yet so they are still sitting with a gloss finish. I was able to put Screaming Eagles patches onto their left arm.