Sunday, July 17, 2011

Skaven Slaves

 I believe there was a request a few posts ago for some slaves. I added another thirty slaves over the past few days to make a unit of 55. That is a mess of squeak! Armed with spears, in horde formation, set to receive a charge, they could possibly create some damage. I don't count on that, but that is a possible 40 attacks.  I have also included my unit of slave slingers. Useful? That depends, it is another horde formation of 25. They can put out some shots, but won't hit very often. I have also included some pics of the guys in the units as well as the rat swarms. I do miss the option to give them poisoned attacks. The movement trays will be completed soon too, so please don't jump on me about that.

Slaves! To the front!


Slave Musician, the last to die

Member of the Slaves

Rat swarms

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Grey Knights

I have finished my latest squad of Grey Knights. Not really a complete squad, but a unit of jump pack troops and some additional footsloggers. Already I have 35 regular Grey Knight troops with 9 terminators including Stern. I plan to add another 5-8  guys soon enough. Some of them are the metal ones. I will be adding in at least another hammer and at least one with a warding staff on a Justicar.

The basics of how these guys are painted are fairly simple. I did do something different than previously. I used a spray gun for the initial coats. A black undercoat with the Army Painter, then a spray of boltgun metal to get the basic shading down. I didn't aim for the crevices. Then a coat of chainmail spraying down from the top to about 3/4 of the way down. This left a graduation from the bottom recesses to the top. Also, the colors came out very smooth.... 

Here is the first guy, a Justicar using the kneeling legs from a regular space marine bit. As you can see I have him on a stick to make things easier to paint. I usually put no more than 4 minis to a stick, depending on what they are, such as skaven. On items that require more detail, then no more than three per stick. I will consolidate when I can. It's the laziness in me. I tried to make each one unique as I already have quiet a few sets of twins from the metal ones. 

 Here is the first of the Interceptors, 3 halberds, one hammer, one sword, and the Justicar with the falchions. They basically use three colors, black, white, red, silver, and gold. Very simple to  paint and quite quick, then you get to the detail.

To make them unique, I gave each guy a different shoulder pad and/or name. It's getting more and more difficult as there are only so many ways to paint a shoulder pad. I am also running out of names, but I do have a book of names used by writers. The designs are simple, a stripe, or a half, or other splitting of colors. I hope to make a collage of the other shoulder pads to show how many variations I have come up with.

Here are my new footsloggers. I made two with psilencers just to add to the armory. You can also see a Justicar with a hammer and another guy with falchions. The hammers are bleh, due to you can only pose them in one way. The falchions will be appearing on other models in the near future as they are easy to add, look good, and can fit onto any marine.

Here is a better view of the shoulder pads. I have a huge amount of decals and will cannibalize them for swords (dark angels) or skulls to be used on these guys. Many of them are from the Sisters of Battle decal set

Thanks again!