Thursday, April 23, 2015

Blight Wheel Staghounds

Troopers shouldn't just walk up the field to get into contact. They need to have some kind of transport. Fortunately, Blight Wheel makes these vehicles called Staghounds. They are a 4 or 6 wheeled vehicle, your choice, with an entry point on the rear of the truck. They look awesome and are a great replacement for the Taurox. 

A word of caution on construction, the side skirts are very fragile and are only held in spot by a line of glue. They would best be served by using a small plastic strut, or three, underneath to give them some support. Hindsight being 20/20, I didn't do that. Also, the kit is all resin and the tires were a tight fit. So tight that the the resin cracked where it fit over the large pin on the undercarriage. They have updated the kit since then, I'm not sure wha has changed if anything. I used a large brass rod as a pin/axle to hold them in place. 

Blight Wheel has further updated the kit with new weapon options. The Staghounds now come with missile launchers, a new cannon, and new wheels for the 'Hound. 

Much like their troops, these are really easy to paint! A grey scheme, some slight color modulation by lightening the grey on the panels. Added the decals and painted the details. Sealed it with a gloss coat and applied the oil washes. Another great set of figures to add to my collection. I ended up with three of them!

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