Tuesday, May 26, 2015

WIP: Super Heavies Pt 3

I was able to get the first layer of paint onto the tanks. Sticking with the same paint combination as the Punishers and Sentinels, these will also be in greys.

I taped off any areas that will be getting any glue afterwards, such as the track wheels track guard locations, the cannons, the turrets/turret bases, and where the large fuel drums connect to the back of the tanks. The reason these were left off were to make painting easier. This is especially true with the tracks and the fuel drums. Also by removing the turrets, it makes the tape laying much simpler. The tracks will all be painted on the sprue and added afterwards. 

All the tanks and various unglued pieces were given a primer of black. The extra bits like the turrets and ladders were put down onto painters tape and sprayed from there. The track guards and fuel drums were held in place with clips or by hand.

The Shadowswords were given a base of Mechanicus Standard Grey. The Stormblade was based in Administratum Grey. In proper order the tanks should be left to sit for 24 hours or so to let the paint settle. I let them sit for about 14 hours before I proceeded to add the tape for the next step. Sorry, I'm just impatient and eager to jump to the next step, sometimes this gets me into trouble.... Anyway, no issues this time.

The colors were then reversed for the tanks. The Shadowswords getting the lighter grey lines and the Stormblade getting the darker lines. The idea is to use the tape to get a hard line for the camo with the rest of the spray trailing off to get the soft fade. I only airbrushed to one side of the tape to get the effect. To me, the design makes them look to be underwater.

Now comes the touch ups, decals, the base painting, the tracks, the gloss seal, and the weathering. It may be due to them not sitting, but if you look closely at the cannons in the top right, you can see on one of them where the base and primer peeled off with the tape.

It seems I still I have art least a couple of more days to go as these guys are huge and have lots of rivets and such to get attention.


  1. Those are ridiculous. I'm going to need a tutorial on airbrushing vehicles in person...and then I'm going to need to use your air gun. :)

  2. Anytime you want to watch or learn, I will assist. You can also use Mike's airbrush he left with me 10 years ago.... ;-)