Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mordheim Warbands

We have been on another hiatus since June began. More real life has interrupted us. We are planning on resuming on the 29th of June. Since then I have taken a few pictures of some of the warbands that are involved. Most of these are the NPC warbands, except for the Night Goblins. That band belongs to my wonderful wife. So you know, the photos were taken with my iPhone so they may not be the best.

As for making the warbands, I make a generic list to start then proceed to create the warband. I always over make models to cover for WYSIWIG or injuries along the way. So you will see the Undead has four Dregs, but you can only have three in your band. Also, if you don't like how a particular weapon type performs, you can switch it out for one of the extras that have been created.

As for painting, all but the Elves and the Goblins have been done in the last 6 months to a year. I follow the same simple process of base, wash, then highlight with the base again. I will also add some extra highlights here and there or an extra wash if I want it to be darker or have a different tint to it. The dwarves were exceptionally easy as they are mostly armor and hair. Send me questions if any.

Dwarf Treasure Hunters (wife's new warband?)

Beastmen Raiders

The Undead. The Dregs are on the level before the Vampire.

The Possessed. The Chaos Warrior hired sword alongside Father Rex.

Night Goblins. A bit blurry upon second glance

The Shadow Elves

Coach for the Stagecoach Ambush scenario.

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