Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mordheim Week Eight

Finally, our week eight arrived! After about two months, we were able to get another turn in. And this time, the bands Warband Ratings really played a part. The Temple Guardians had the highest rating and chose to pass on the initiative. In our case, this reset the order of movement, forcing the teams with the lowest rating to move first. Resulting in the Temple Guardians going last. All of this led to a huge scrum near the middle of the board with Ed, cajoling three of the other players into the large four-way battle. 

I only had one table setup for the large battle. That was no problem. The only issue was, knowing how Armageddon games go, and large numbers of players in RPGs too, the game tends to last at least twice as long. By the time we had to call the game due to time and others having to leave, I think they were able to get in only four turns each. We were going to leave it up and pick up next week, yet I had plans for the campaign in the weeks to come and just called it later in the week. Oh, the grumblings I heard as everyone said 'they got hosed!' They will get over it. As I knew the Lizardmen were going to rout on their turn and seeing the battle as it stood, I saved all quite a bit of time.

Goblins on the March, with skinks!

Charge of the Cold-Bloods!
Hold the Line!

We still haven't rolled for the injuries for the Lizardmen as of the writing of this post. There may be a big change in the Power Ratings. The Temple Guardians did have at least fives losses with one of them being the new Hired Sword Ogre Bodyguard, the cursed one... 

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