Sunday, May 12, 2013


circle with bleached bone on the bottom and an eight box pattern checkerboard on top. To show this I painted the markings on their right knee. I know now its supposed to their left knee. Anyway, for the guys without knee pads where do I paint the markings? I decided to put it on their backpacks. Here are the steps I used. 

First, I two toned the exhaust about 50/50 white/bleached bone or ushtabi bone

Then using a micron pen I drew in a line between the two colors. 

Then I split it in half across the top. I also marked approximately halfway again where I want the next vertical line to be. Connecting the dots is easier than trying to do it freehand. 

Using the same technique I drew in another horizontal line. Next I marked every other space to be blacked out. I used the pen for some spots and painted in the larger spots. 

Here is what a Micron pen looks like. I used the smallest tip I could find. 

In this picture you can see the Sgt with the backpack and the troops with the knee pads done in the same style.

Using these steps you can create a checkerboard pattern anywhere you need and use differing colors of needed. 

In addition the pen is great for filling in deep spaces such as armor joints or even for eyes. Since they come in other colors I have used them for the joints on my Grey Knights using a blue pen. 

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