Monday, May 6, 2013

Mordheim Week Seven

We are now halfway through our campaign. Many of the map hexes are now occupied and the NPC warbands are being squeezed out. From here on, there will be many player versus player battles taking place. I am afraid there may be some bad feelings to grow as the players re-battle each other. Especially as warbands begin to separate themselves in ability and might. As the Campaign Organizer, I have to limit that and nip it in the bud as quickly as possible. 

Not all warbands are created equal. The Night Goblins of my wife are fighting an uphill battle every week. Knowing ahead of time they were created mainly as an NPC warband, she bravely chose to lead them. They really are held back monetarily by the Fanatic, and the low stats they all have. I didn't even mention the Animosity rule that she has come across several times at bad moments. She did hire a Black Orc and he has mitigated some of the damage, still low strength, short range, and lots of early casualties have hampered here fromt he start. On the other hand there is the Shadow Warriors. They are very expensive, low numbered, and have high stats but have trouble wounding. It doesn't' really help that many of the scenarios have few buildings, but there are many open ranges for them to shoot across. I really have not bought into the Shadow Elves being overpowered. They still have a strength and toughness of three unable to get crossbows, halberds, flails, etc. Finally, the Pit Fighters also suffer from some of the same problems of the Elves, very expensive and low numbers. Now they do have great benefits from being in buildings. Yet they are hard to find in Empire in Flames. Even so, their low numbers really hamper them no matter their elite status.

We are taking off the month of May. Some of us have to deal with real life. In the down time, I am painting up some more Hired Swords and some more terrain that I have plans for. I have told the players what the next three scenarios are: Wild Wood, Stagecoach Ambush, and Last Order. I have plans to take photos of the NPC warbands to post in the upcoming weeks.

Defend the Find: Classic Mordheim scenario with lots of buildings. The 'find' is the central pond not the building.

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