Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mordheim Week One

We have started up another Mordheim campaign. This will be my fourth such campaign I have managed. All except for the third campaign, I have run at our home using my own terrain. Anyway, this one is different than the rest. I am utilizing the Empire In Flames almost exclusively. Most of the scenarios and rules are being incorporated throughout. I have also thrown in some other missions that I have come across from the Nemesis Crown worldwide campaign or other sites.

There are five players involved with seven NPC warbands that they may encounter during the next few weeks. The player warbands are as follows:
  1. Middenheimers: Wolves of Winter
  2. Averlanders: The Krewe
  3. Lizardmen: The Temple Guardians
  4. Norse: The Sea Wolves
  5. Night Goblins: Gurk's Gang
The NPC bands are:
  1. Beastmen Raiders: led by Chief Bloodtail
  2. Undead:  led by Vampire Victor von Bargen
  3. Shadow Elves: Shadow Master Aldalome
  4. Pitfighters: Pit King Mungus the Unbowed
  5. Cult of the Possessed: headed by Father Rex
  6. Clan Eshin Skaven: with Assassin Adept Rurduk Redeyes
  7. Reiklander Mercenaries: Prokop Draken is the Captain
A few words about the setup. I am using the Mighty Empires set of tiles to represent the area outside Mordheim in a giant hexagon. This leaves an extra corner unoccupied by a player. I then set up several tables that are similar to the locations on the map. When or if the players win, then they can move into a new tile. This then lets me set the tables for next week according to the locations on the tile. After each week ends, I write up a newsletter covering the previous turn and possibly setting upcoming turns as well. 
The first Town Cryer is here.


  1. Sounds like a blast! I loved Mordheim, just hard to find players around here.

  2. Yeah, it can be difficult to get started. Fortunately, I have several great players that were itching to roll some dice.