Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Another Blatant eBay Post

Sorry, the craft room is still under construction. The light is starting to grow at the end of the tunnel as we have a person who can/will complete the trim that the framers were unable to do satisfactorily. I am hoping by the time Thanksgiving comes around I can get back to work. I am getting a bit stir crazy, which is why I am putting stuff up on eBay. Please follow the link to see the sales.

Here are a few things that I have going up tonight that may interest some:
One of two classic Warpfire Throwers for sale

Rat Swarm

A Scibor sculpted Wood Elf Standard Banner

A Scibor sculpted Wood Elf Lord

Limited Edition Void Shield Generator

A set of 8 Dryads

The other set of 8 Dryads

I may post some more pictures of the Dryads. They were something that sat on my shelf for about a year as I just couldn't figure out how to finish them. Finally, I just pushed on and added paint letting things build and flow naturally.

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