Sunday, October 18, 2015

Skaven Screaming Bell

This is another 'sale' post

I painted up the Screaming Bell not long after the Warp Lightning Cannon. I pretty much followed the same steps as that process. 
Currently it will be up for sale starting Wednesday of next week with a starting price of $20. 

The accompanying Grey Seer was painted up waay back in 2011 in the Action Poses post. He will not be included in the sale. I may sell him later on, but for now I am keeping him. The bell ringer is also staying in my household for now. 

A couple other items I will be posting are some Rat Ogres in groups of three. All of the rat ogres were done up back in 2011 for reference.

Here a few before pics of some of the beasties. The old rat ogre were such ugly sculpts. To add to their ugliness, GW hadn't really figured out a way to make hairy models fit properly with multi-poseable arms. That is why you see the greenstuff on the arms. I had to fit them on without looking so bad. 

GRRR!! I must eat the bunny! A small rabbit I made with leftover greenstuff for my wife. Which was then hastily eaten when by the monster when I turned away...

This guy was created by my wonderfully talented friend Mike. He just doesn't have the time to paint anymore, especially with a child now. This was his guy he built for Mordheim. Being that he was all metal, the extra arm from Ghazaghkull Thraka  and the spiked ball had him doubling his weight. I definitely should have weathered the shoulder pad more back then....


And the Doom Flayers I put together some time ago. 

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