Monday, August 24, 2015

Scythes of the Emperor and Black Library

GW's Black Library has just released a short story as part of their Summer of Reading. Their first release of the second week is The Shadow of the Beast, featuring the Scythes of the Emperor! Think of this as a beginning to their encounter with hive Fleet Kraken.
Completely used without GW's consent, but all credit goes to them!!

It is a short story. But being as it is about the Scythes, I am getting it. Add it to the other published Scythes story Orphans of the Kraken, in the now called Space Marines: The Omnibus. Excuse me, I have some reading to accomplish...


  1. For Sotha! ;-)

    Other stories you might like to check out:

    ‘A Safe and Shadowed Place’
    ‘The Blood of Sotha’

  2. Why thank you kind sirs!

    I will definitely be searching for the other stories. I may already have Heloth. I must recheck my library

    1. Looking likely to order mine for Heloth - wasn't aware of this one before.

  3. Yeah it's a great read for a great chapter, good spot man.

  4. I liked the story, short and evocative. Makes me want more obviously. I always had a different vision of what happened there. I have an idea for a short story regarding it, but no idea of how to put it in writing