Thursday, August 6, 2015

Ravenwing Command Squad

I wanted to post these some time ago, but the ETL IV competition photos superseded them. 

My Ravenwing Command Squad completed about a year ago when I was cleaning out the Dark Vengeance box set. They were painted in three steps. The black portion was done first with all the edging. The silver parts were next, which went the fastest. The white took the longest encompassing the base coats and the build up of layers. 

The Apothecary was primed white separately from the bike. It just makes everything so much easier that way.

The Black Knight received an upgrade with a magnetized arm. He now has a choice of the Corvus Hammer or a Blade of Caliban. Assuming they aren't run as standard Black Knights, he will run with the sword every time.

The Banner bearer also received a magnetized arm. For when he runs as a Black Knight, he can swap out the banner for the Hammer. The banner was pretty much copied from the book itself. I even went to the GW site where I could grab a picture and zoom in to get a better idea of how they pulled it off.

They may not be my best stuff, but I really wanted to get them out and completed. All that extra white takes a bit of time. It's the feathers that were really getting tiresome. I have to think about getting a full squad of them

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