Thursday, March 19, 2015

Rough Riders and Company Command

Most Militarum players know the Rough Riders are situational at best. Really, if you are smart, you will use the slot for better units. But damn, I still think they are so cool. GW hasn't made any good models for them since the Attillans.

I made some anyway. It is just a simple conglomeration of Catachan leftovers and the Marauder Horsemen. The difficult part was the power lances. To get it to work, I cut some styrene rods into 3/8" strips and glued three or four to the end of a spear bit. Some red paint to simulate dynamite finished it off. Not a bad idea and a somewhat easy modification. 

Keeping with the theme, these guys also have a musician/vox caster, even if they don't get one rules-wise. I also added a banner bearer, again, knowing it has no use in the game. All of the riders have various acoutrement from other sets, Ravenwing ammo boxes, canteens, grenades, and so forth. The unit is one of my favorites. There was quite a bit of work to remove all the chaos stars from he horses and riders. Some of it was hidden by gluing a skull-on-chain bit or something else.

I took more time painting the command squad. As usual they got a banner and a musician. There's also a heavy flamer and two meltas. Later I will paint up some plasma gunners for the extra range. Although the unit tends to sit in a chimera near the back of the army; I probably won't use them that much. Most members of the unit have backpacks that can be used to carry came cloaks if so appointed. The banner was an experiment in wet blending that came out pretty good with red and black.

The star of the squad is the Company Commander. I modeled him on the Humungus from the Road Warrior. Captain 'Normous has the skull head from chaos marine to act as the Death Mask of Ollanius. An heirloom is hanging from his belt meant to be the Kurov's Aquila that I use regularly. That's more of a reason to get plasma gunners. The arm is a bit from an old Necromunda guy I believe. I've been sitting on that piece for quite a few years waiting for just the right guy to pin him to.

Next week's post will cover the Regimental Specialists I put together along with some of the goals of what I am trying to accomplish with the list.

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