Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I've had a pair of Vindicators sitting in boxes for a few years. Now that I'm trying to stick to a unit a week, I decided to paint them both up simultaneously. Technically it'll be two units, but I know it's cheating. The two new ones are the plastic kits. I have an original Forgeworld from about ten years ago. So these will make for a Linebreaker Squadron in Apocalypse, if it's still an option. Anyway, here they are.
And for comparison, here is the Forgeworld version. There really aren't many changes. It's mostly a straight port over from resin to plastic.

The only differences are the screen in the back is now deeper, the gun now pivots up/down and the extra armor where the lights sit. Although, my colors are different. Since GW stopped making Dark Angels Green I've moved on to Army Painter's Angel Green that I like quite a bit. Comparison shot