Tuesday, June 3, 2014


As I was painting up the Dark Vengeance set, I got to thinking of adding to my Dark Angels more.

Now, I have all but a squad of Deathwing Knights and a Command Squad to complete my Deathwing. Currently, I have three complete squads of terminators with two accompanying Landraiders. 

To make the terminators easier, I sprayed them in three layers, a primer of black, a layer of Baneblade Brown at an downward angle, and then a final coat of Ushtabi/bleached bone (of which I have plenty) from a higher angle.
This style of painting allowed for more of a natural shadowing to take place. The next step was a dry brush with Vallejo game color Bonewhite and a final highlight of GW Screaming Skull. I used a brown Micron pen for the crevices   I'm all about the quick and easy way. From there it's just standard gun colors or whatever details added on afterwards. 

The Landraiders were done in a similar fashion as the termies. The only difference is when spraying on the bleached bone, I ensured that I got a good coat on all the big flat spaces, the tops, the panels on the sides, doors. As you use an airbrush, you don not always get a big spray that covers everything like the cans do. It's a much smaller area that can leave for some of the previous layer to show through. This greatly enhances the shadowing effect. These too were dry brushed just like the termies, just no highlighting or use of micron pen. Then a Glosscoat, decals applied, another Glosscoat to seal the decals, then the weathering. Using the sponge effect, I first added a few spots of Vallejo Ivory for superficial chips. I then switched to GW Charadon Granite/Dryad Bark for deeper chips, trying to overlay the previous layer in spots to give depth. Just like the Chimeras, I broke out the oil paints and applied Van Dyke Brown then softened with thinner and pulled the brush down along the sides to give a rusty rain look. 
Oh yeah, the interior was painted completely before construction. 

That gives me about 2000pts in Deathwing alone before adding HQs. Possibly the smallest army you can field outside of Greyknights. 

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