Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Skaven Coming!

 First off, my Grey Seer. I decided not to leave him mounted on the Screaming Bell. I can get more use out of him based. Speaking of, I had to add quite a bit of putty under the base. He is very fore-heavy. I completed the Bell also for him ride on.
One of my hand made Engineers. He will be equipped with a warplock rifle, augmetics to give him +1 BS and a Warp Condenser.
 My Warlord/Chieftain, I decided to give him an attack-rat, warp enhanced weapon and made him from a Storm Vermin. All my storm vermin will be used for special creations. I have old 1st and 2nd generation Storm Vermins for my troops,
 Can you guess what he will be used for? If you said a Hellpit Abomination, you get a cookie! He is from the Necromunda range, named The Caller. Rather easy to paint, base coated, wash, highlight, wash again, final touches. He is unfinished in this picture. The model itself needed some help to build. Couple of pins and a mound of greenstuff or two to fill in gaps at joints and feet.
Some of my basic troops. I have models from 11yrs ago and these guys will be replacing them. These are from the latest box set, Island of Blood. I hope to make a 40 man(?) unit with them. You can see some troops from the regular box set in the back. I will show how I painted these up quickly later on. Doing that many to a high level can drive one crazy.

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  1. Very cool! We have someone in our area that is color blind also. He always has funny stories about painting. He'a great painter also. My wife's dad also has color vision issues. Never really noticed this until I got older that it was fairly common. Makes me have a respect for those that are color blind as they have made impressive acheivements. Keep up the good work!