Monday, February 21, 2011

Skaven Action Poses

Sneaky Skaven!

While I put together a point by point panting demo, here are some Skaven action poses. First, we have a smart assassin showing the best way to remove those pesky wizards. With a big hammer!
Forward... or else!

Into the Bretonnian Line

Leading from the front, the Warlord shown here is leading his band, while under the watchful eye of the Greyseer on the Bell in the background.

The Hellpit Abomination is preparing for the charge into the weakened Bretonnian line. This battle would not last long or in the Men-at-arms favor.

Again, next week I will show how to paint up skaven in several easy steps. These steps will get them to come out the same quality as the pics above, minus the Abomination.

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