Monday, October 17, 2016

Imperial Knights

I purchased the GW Imperial Knights: Renegade! box set a few months ago. I knew I wanted to paint one up. The cost of the set was only about $40 more than a single Knight. So this was a steal, and it comes with a bit of terrain to boot!

I had zero desire to paint one up as Chaos. The want to try something new was on my mind. Constructing them in tandem as I do, one became a Knight Warden, the other a Knight Errant. The Errant was to be my anti-vehicle option armed with the Thermal Cannon, melta gun and the Stormspear Rocket pod.

I attempted to create a fire effect for the Knight. The idea is fairly simple. In practice, it's a bit more difficult.


The Freeblade decal sheet was used for insignia. The dead hand seemed to fit the idea of burning design. Going along with that theme, I envision the pilot to be a bit trusting to luck and superstitious. There are symbols all around the Knight to help 'protect' it from harm.

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