Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tooting My Own Horn!

Not in a flatulent sense, but I am tooting my own horn as GW just called me out on their first Advent Day Video! A couple of months ago, GW sent out a cry for assistance to help in ideas for what they can do on their excellent painting tutorials hosted by Duncan Rhodes. I threw quite a few ideas their way. Mainly, the ones that give most people problems or pause. One of the biggest painting bugaboos is White armor!

At about 24 seconds in, Duncan calls out my name in response to 'How to Paint White Scars Power Armor'. This is really good 'primer' video for painting white armor.

You could always cut a step and airbrush the armor in Ulthuan Grey as well. Then proceed with the wash into the recesses, mixed with acrylic medium, followed by the white edge highlighting. The main point to remember is, always water down your white to avoid the clunky, chalky look that can happen when it is too thick. Multiple coats of a thinned white will work.

Meanwhile, I should be getting back to painting soon. The excess work on the house is still not complete. The guy that will be doing, will not be available until January. Until then, I have reset part of the room to allow for some work to be done until then.

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