Thursday, July 16, 2015

Scythe Command Characters

The Chapter Master Thorcyra for the Scythes passed during the Battle on Miral at the Giant's Coffin. Most of the Command characters also died during their defense against Hive Fleet Kraken. Their leadership was so broken, only one Librarian survived. With Company Master Thrasius immediately charged with leading the Scythes to safety and rebirth.

My special characters were left for last when putting the army togther. I wanted to have a Sicarius representative. Simply for the fact that he could cause Instant Death with a single strike. A suitable item to use against something like a Carnifex or even against a Hive Tyrant should he survive the original onslaught. The scythe I built was fairly rudimentary, and there are better options out there now (Heresy Death Guard). I like what I created, but I was never really happy with him. I wanted him to have something that grabbed a person's attention with the scythe. But it never really materialized into what I envisioned. He is in need of a rebuild or retirement. 

I knew I wanted to have a Chaplain Cassius, simply for the fluff. A known survivor of the Tyranid attacks. Meet Chaplain Bayne, a metal figure that I filed the Ultramarine symbols off from his shoulder and kneepad. Bayne is a great character as far as Challenges go with his Toughness of six and Feel No Pain. Being part of a squad really weakens him, but you don't want to have him run around alone.

I do have plans to build up a Company Command Squad. Probably around the time I rebuild my Company Master. I sorta have to now that I have an Apothecary, but no squad for him to accompany. This a Forgeworld creation. It comes two to a pack. The other was assigned to my Dark Angels. The fluid jars at the top came out the best. I am really quite happy with this guy. 


Once I get past my ETL vows for Bolter and Chainsword, I plan to add more to the Scythes to make them more complete and competitive.


  1. Quality work again; really admire Cassius, had forgotten about that figure. :)

  2. Thanks again as always! I need to work more on little details, refinements. The Cassius figure is just screaming for more attention on the shoulder around the emblem. It's things that I see now, that I didn't see back then.