Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Doom Flayers

The latest addition to the army are a couple of Doom-Flayers. I now have more weapon teams than I have units they can attend to. This just means I have more choices! The weapon teams can be quite expensive. Some are basically the cost of another core unit. Try them out before you settle on them. They really are hit or miss, pun intended with regards to warpfire throwers, plague mortars, and ratling guns. These guys can make for a decent flanking unit and can give light cavalry a headache with their 3+ armor save. They were really easy to paint up. I kept to my simple pallet. I did add some other bronzes and such to the metal to get some variation.

Doom Flayers
Look close!
 I had to pin the two halves together through the center frame, else they would just flop over while drying due to the weight. If you look at them from the front, you can see a shiny piece of metal paperclip horizontally in the center. I should have blackened it before gluing it in, but I just got excited about gluing them together. I'm sure you know how that goes. The pics were taken with my phone mostly, so not that great.

 What's next? Well, I have the new Warp Lightning Cannon almost done. I really like this model. Lots of simple detail and also easy to paint and assemble. Which brings me to the old metal one.... I hate that model. About as much as I hate putting together the drop pods! Also, the skaven pushing it are on bases unlike the actual machine, which adds some difficulty to simply basing it. Either way, I will give it away to who wants it. It's still in the box with the front wheels glued on. Just drop me a line. I'm just gonna get another of the plastic ones!

Red Driver
Yellow Driver

Oh yeah, you can see a shot of my ancient Doomwheel in the back. That is from... 1999 or 2000, so don't judge me by how that looks. I was younger then!
War Machines

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