Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Scythes of the Emperor

First off, I must point you to this site. This is from where I garnered my inspiration:
The There is a crapload of great models and history here, my stuff is decent, his stuff is awesome.
Anyway, a quick background of my Scythes. They are survivors of the battles that took place on Miral. I have made the army mostly out of scouts with some veterans as Sternguard thrown in. Since most of the Scythes fell, the Chapter must replenish itself quickly. Per Codex doctrine, members of the Scythes must rise through the ranks beginning as lowly Scouts. This is why the army is predominately Scouts.

As with most of my projects, I build for character not victory. This doesn't mean I like to lose! The army is very quick, and geared towards anti-infantry. With all the flamers in the army, I can catch a player off guard very quickly. I did my best to make each guy unique, either through head swaps, different accoutrement, or other manipulations that you will see in the future.

Here are the first of my Scouts...
Speeder Scout Squad

The Speeder itself was hand built. As at the time of my creating the army, GW had not yet released theirs yet. I am always willing to use pre-made models, but sometimes you just have to make your own. I can go into that later if I get enough requests. I did document it incase I had to make more.

The veteran sergeant is equipped with a handmade combi-flamer and a really old terminator power fist, Rogue-Trader era I presume. I got the powerfist from my friend Mike.

As for the symbols. I modified a decal sheet from Bell of Lost Souls.
Speeder Scout Squad Vet Sgt

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  1. Where did you get the little scythe transfers from for the scout shoulder pads? :)